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We are In-clusivity.

A strategic inclusive design and innovation consultancy.

We are Inclusive design team aiming to help organisations design solutions that empower people with varied abilities and drive impact.

Who are we?

We are a design consultancy based in India. We work with clients across the globe that aim to make better experiences for all people irrespective of their capabilities.

We firmly believe in creating a society where disabled people are independent and equal with choice and control over their lives.

We offer services in User Research, Service Design, Inclusion led Innovation and Experience Design Strategies.

a table on which rough drawings for a project
Who are we

Our Mission

To develop supportive environments, products and systems by designing for the needs of all people.

Our Process & Values

How do we work?

We start with analysing the current process or practises by understanding the user and the supportive environment.

We try to find answers by asking questions: 

  • What are my assumptions about the user or process which are being challenged?

  • Is the solution designed for a person with similar capabilities as me?

  • Which are the pinpoints which are unfair or restricted for the user to participate in?

  • How do I find a way to invite those people into the design process?

Blue and Mint Green Cycle Diagram (2).pn
Analyse the current situation
Discover Insight
Define User Problem
Design Solutions
Test & Implement
User Mapping Canvas designed by Pratistha

What we value?


Everything we do the voices of people with disabilities is central from the very beginning to when planning actions to make sure that these activities are appropriate and wanted. 


The front side of The User Mapping Canvas (Sharma, 2020)

Our Process & Values

The need for Inclusive Design

1 in 7 people has a disability globally.

According to the World Report on Disability by the WHO & the World Bank, there are 1 billion people with disabilities globally, equating to one in seven people. This evidence shows how important disability is, because of the large number of people affected.

The Inclusive Design market is big & growing

Designing inclusively is just not the right thing to do but it also has commercial imperative too. The disability market constitutes an emerging market the size of China plus the European Union. Their friends and family add another 3.4 billion potential consumers with $13 trillion annual disposable income. 

Design for a few benefits many.

Designing inclusively does not only benefit people with disability but it also takes into account people with temporary or situational disability needs. As no person operates with full capability for every activity for the duration of their lifetime.


Please email us with any questions, inquires or feedback. We would be happy to answer your questions and set up a meeting with you.



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